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This page has finally changed!

Welcome to Mark Rahn Motorsports

Basically we are a local stock car racing team based in San Antonio Texas.

We now race in only one class at Thunderhill Raceway.

We used to race at San Antonio Speedway in the sportsman class. San Antonio Speedway was a 1/2 mile high banked asphalt track that was NASCAR sancioned with the Dodge Weekly Racing Series. Sadly, San Antonio Speedway ceased operations March of 2007. Seems the city came in and made it hard for them to stay open

We have had to go looking elsewhere for a racing home. We have settled on Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle texas and are racing in the Grand Stock class.
It is kind of interesting since we are racing a 1976 El Camino in this class. We picked that because of 2 reasons. The first being that we could get it real cheap and the second was that it met the wheelbase rules.
My buddy Steve and I share the driving in this class.

We are also putting the car on any other track that is within a couple of hours pull. I raced it in April at Corpus Christi Motorspeedway, which is a 1/4 mile asphalt bullring. Had a blast, won the heat race and got 3rd in the feature. That is one fun track to race on. We also have a dirt setup for the car, as you can see from the picture below. Visit the Blog to read all aoubt our racing adventures

UPDATE . . . .
This "cobalt" is what we raced for the last 2 seasons. We have just completed the sale of this car and the new owners will campaign it in the Texas Pro Sedans class.

A little bit about the car, It has a Chevy Chevette front clip with a tube chassis. Coil over shocks in the front, big coil in the back with a 3 link and trackbar. 2181 cc 4 cyl pushrod chevy engine with a saginaw 3 speed. Pretty nice little car. We have had to bring some of the safety up to date on it, and put a much bigger seat in and move it waaaay back. We needed a bit more leg (belly) room than the previous driver required.

Here is the new car in the shop getting it all lined out, new paint, numbers, etc.

Here are a couple of pictures of the car on the track. We have a bunch more, but I don't want to clutter things up too much.
During the off season of '08 I decided to go have some fun by trying something called "autocross" Basically this is a time attack sport that you go on a large parking lot that has a track layed out using traffic cones. Your job is to go out and drive super clean, not hit a cone or miss a gate and beat your best time. It also helps to beat anyone else in your class as well. Lots of fun and I met some really nice folks that are passionate about it and their cars. I also met Dan Scanlon. He has a web site that he blogs about this. Check it out here -

Here are a couple of links for you. Check it out.
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Thunderhill raceway Kyle Texas
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And remember, Keep the dirty side down and the shiny side up.


Modified ... October 11,2007